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Expertise in maritime information technology and maritime business procedures gained with  35 years in the changing and cyclical business. The company's Principal, Barry Parker, is a well known as a maritime business writer, speaker and expert, built on top of an MBA and C Level consulting experience on maritime matters. Always in the middle of the action- his working experience goes back to brokering real vessels (mainly dry bulk but also tankers), brokering financial deals for owners and investors, and in brokering "paper" ships- derivatives and futures. Barry Parker, Principal of bdp1 Consulting Ltd. is a well known speaker and writer on these subjects as well.

Barry Parker, Principal of bdp1 Consulting LtdWell known maritime consultant and writer always eager to hear from visitors to the web site. Please look for me and find me at conferences, events, or online.
Barry Parker, Principal of bdp1 Consulting LtdHappy to discuss  assignments related to the areas described elsewhere in the website.

Working and top level expertise on many other things maritime- market analysis, business processes, and how they all fit together. The experience has been diverse, and fuels the ability to synthesize, analyze and tie it all together. More often outside of the spotlight, Mr. Parker is an expert on indexation of maritime revenues and costs, and his team is called upon to devise innovative and sensible calculations as the shipping industry grapples with an endless barrage of regulatory initiatives. Clients include professionals in the area of law and finance, as well as companies involved directly in the movement of cargo or arranging for such movements. Keep in mind that the work of harried maritime deal-makers often needs to be sorted out after the fact. These days, the professionals at bdp1 Consulting Ltd. spend more time sorting things out than dealing. Let us help you navigate through the fog.

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e-mail: bdp1 at conconnect dot com